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Plastech Holding GmbH is an operative and proactive investor with long-term investment perspective and focusing on technology-oriented businesses in the plastics industry in German-speaking countries. Being an entrepreneurial partner for our investments we participate actively and create lasting values by a need-oriented commitment of know how and assets.

Kautex Maschinenbau GmbH

3Kautex Maschinenbau is the world-wide leading manufacturer of blow mould machines for the automotive industry (eg fuel tanks), packaging and special applications. With 530 employees in Germany and another 170 employees world-wide the company achieves an annual turnover of preumably more than 140 m€ in 2017.

Besides the headquarters in Bonn, a recently opend customer center in Berlin and regional heaquarters in the United Stated, Russia, China, Italy, India and Mexico Kautex Maschinenbau has a close-knit global network of service- and distribution bases.

Plastech Beteiligungs GmbH – whereof Plastech Holding holds an direct shareholding of 100% – agreed on the acquisition of a 74,9% shareholding of Kautex Holding GmbH, Bonn. The shares are sold by a fund of Capiton AG, a holding of Kautex employees and the Kautex management which will remain involved with a significant share.


BAGE Recycling GmbH

BAGE Recycling GmbH and its 100% subsidiary bage plastics GmbH – the first Austrian companies specialized in the recycling of post-consumer shredded fridge plastics – rank among the largest European fridge recycling companies.

Every year plastic from more than 1.5 million discarded fridges is recycled at the plants in Upper Austria (St. Marien and Wolfern) and processed it into high-value granules and compounds from PS, ABS, PP, PC-ABS suitable for extrusion and injection moulding. These recycled materials provide a virtually identical quality at considerably lower cost.

In September 2017 Plastech Holding GmbH acquired 25.1% of BAGE Recycling GmbH by means of a capital increase.