The courage
to make decisions

About us

Plastech Holding GmbH is an independent industrial holding owned by Unternehmens Invest AG, investing in medium sized companies in the plastics industry. We are a long-term partner and provide operational support for the strategic development of our investments.

Our partners are highly skilled experts with long-term experience in the plastics industry who can actively support the shareholdings in their strategic development.

Paul Neumann

Paul Neumann is CEO of Plastech Holding GmbH, member of the management board and core shareholder of Unternehmens Invest AG. He has a comprehensive academic business education and a broad international experience from this professional and technical history. He is in charge of the evaluation of potential investments and the active support of existing shareholdings. He is member of the supervisory board of All for One Group AG (deputy chairman) and member of advisory boards of shareholdings of both UIAG and Plastech.

Rudolf Knünz

Rudolf Knünz is CEO and core shareholder of Unternehmens Invest AG (UIAG). He has decade-long experience in the acquisition and development of companies. Thus, he was significantly involved in establishing KTM Industries AG (former CROSS Industries) and is currently member of several supervisory and advisory boards of companies from various industries.